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Gogo bars and Coyotes bars make up the majority of the bars in Soi Cowboy. At last count 16 of the 30+ venues were either Gogo bars or coyotes, many are a mixture of the two. The listings here are random and will change order with each page view – they are not in any order of age or preference.

If you are looking for the best, or at least the most popular we would recommend Baccara the Dollhouse. If you prefer louder and a little more crazy check out Crazy House which now challenges Dollhouse for that number 2 slot. Baccara has two floors. It gets very busy but has plenty of space and seating. Other better known agogos are Tilac, Suzie Wongs, Shark and Long Gun (now renamed Lucky Star). Long Gun is renowned for its shows.

In the last few years one group of bars, under the same ownership and known as the “Arab bars” has moved away from being tradition gogo bars to being Coyote only. The nickname stems from the single owner, and American guy, not an Arab oddly enough.

Many of the go go bars now have outside seating areas where you can sit and drink without having to go inside. Doll House is a good example of this.

The gogo bars listed here are those bars on Soi Cowboy that are specifically gogo or coyote style bars. In other words those with larger stages, chrome poles and large numbers of dancers. There are also many standard bars with small stages and a few dancers and those have been listed in the bars category. Bars operating specifically as traditional Agogos are few and far between these days. This has become more pronounced with so many of the larger bars, the so called Arabs bars, now being under one ownership with those bars switching to almost exclusively Coyote style. The most popular, Bacarra, Crazy House and and Dollhouse remain as Agogos.

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