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Crazy House agogo bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 23 so not actually on Soi Cowboy itself. It is however very close and in general is considered a “Cowboy zone” bar. It opened in 2016 so at the time of writing is the zone’s newest bar. It is currently (probably) the second most popular gogo bar in Bangkok and the most popular with Western visitors. Bacarra being quite easily the busiest but with a predominantly Asian clientele. As far as we are aware it has no connection to CrazyHouse Agogo Pattaya.

The building has four floors although only two specifically open to the public. The 3rd floor is the girls changing area and the 4th floor is apparently a restaurant but quite how it is accessed we are not sure. Each floor is on the small size but don’t let that put you off – it is a LOT of fun. The ground floor has a good sized 8 shaped stage with around 10 dancers at any time. Don’t forget to visit the 2nd floor where you can still see some of the more risque shows available in the city these days. Drinks and bar fine prices are below average for the Cowboy zone but still not cheap.

Crazy House Bangkok exterior

Crazy House exterior

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  1. Another case of racial profiling! At first the guy at the entrance asked us to pay 500 THB. We could not understand whether they were entry charges or cover charges so we politely tried to ask the same but the next thing we knew he pointed us to an another direction and rudely asked us to go. I fail to understand how can a person judge our spending power based on the color of our skin.

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