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The Dollhouse Agogo bar Bangkok opened in its current Soi Cowboy location in February 2002. Prior to that it was located in the ill fated Clinton Plaza a stones throw away. The Clinton Plaza venue actually continued until November 2002 at which point it came to an end along with the rest of the plaza. By that time the Soi Cowboy venue was open and firmly established. A wise, and predictive move by the then owners Darel and “Big Andy”.

It was the first of the large, modern style, gogo bars that now dominate the Soi. Many people are of the opinion that if owners Darrel and Andy had not chosen Soi Cowboy it would likely have remained what was – a rather sleepy Soi with a few small bars. Up went the huge Dollhouse sign, the first on the Soi – soon to be followed/copied by Suzie Wong and later by Shark. You could easily argue that this sole action was the birth of the neon strip we know today.

Over the years since the bar has been a huge success with only Baccara and perhaps Crazy House currently more popular. It is a stalwart for “western” expats and unlike Baccara is not particularly attractive to the Japanese and Korean visitors who tend to fill up some of the other bars. The main reason for this popularity with westerners, particularly expats, is the “no hassle” policy of the bar. This has been in place since the day it opened and continues to this day. Of course the girls have to earn a living so they will still ask for a drink but their instructions are only to do so after they have spent some time sitting with the customer.

There is currently a Dollhouse Pattaya located in Soi 15, Walking Street owned by one of the original Dollhouse Bangkok partners.

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The original and in our opinion the best gogo bar on the Soi Cowboy Strip. It may have been overtaken by Bacarra in the popularity stakes but remains one of the must visit bars in Bangkok.

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